Faithless Electors Should Not Shirk Their Constitutional Duty

As we soon approach the January 2017 meeting of state electors that will probably be the final step in the presidential election of Donald Trump, tensions are rising throughout the nation regarding whether those designated electors will follow the will of the voters from their states or become what has been characterized as a “faithless elector” and cast their vote for Hillary Clinton.  The Washington Post recently published an Op-ed article suggesting that in light of the possible Russian meddling in our election processes that electors ought to vote against Trump by either choosing Clinton or another more neutral candidate.

Apparently, only 37 of Trump’s 306 designated electors would be needed to reduce his number to 269 and would make him fall short of the necessary 270 electors needed to win.  However, regardless of how much some people would like to avoid a Trump presidency.  It is clear that the people have spoken and Donald Trump is destined to be the American president for the next four years.  Anything else would be a serious compromise of our democratic elections and would destroy any moral high ground that the United States has in the world as a bastion of freedom and democracy.  Elections must have rules and go by them.  These constitutional procedures cannot be circumvented when the outcome is not what we would like it to be.

The Electors Trust has seen "dozens" of electors reach out to the group for advice prior to the Dec. 19 vote, Michael Hawley says.

We are not debating that Trump will surely change the nature of the modern presidency.  He is too unorthodox, too unusual to not have a profound impact either positively or negatively.  Only time will tell what his administration will be like. History will either absolve him or else indict him for his successes or failures.  Regardless, it would send a message of American political instability for electors to shirk their constitutional duty and vote for anyone other than the person that their state sent them to vote for.  All Americans should unite to urge electors to maintain the rule of law and the stability of our American Democracy.


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